Message of the Chair Woman

The Council of Constitutional Inquiry of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is established to provide professional legal assistance to the House of Federation which has the authority to interpret the Constitution of the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Ethiopia who are vested of freedom, enjoying the democratic unity they have created and ensuring the federalism system of the country. Since the Council inception, many constitutional cases have been investigated. Over the past years, it has been investigating the questions of constitutional interpretation from various individuals and sections of the society.

It was possible to identify the areas that the Council to focus on for the next few years to accomplish the mandate of the Council based on the Proclamation No. 798/2013. The Council is working hard to fulfill the astonishing performance by deepening our constitutional awareness and enhancing an important economic empire in the process of building an economic and political community.

The Council is doing so by believing that it need to act with an organized plan to take immediate steps to acquire the opportunities and to prevent and deal with potential risks. I would like to extend my credentials that if we do our responsibilities rigorously, it can be fulfilled the satisfaction of justice of the people so that better to address to the members of the Council of Constitutional Inquiry, high official and experts of the Council, and other stakeholders to accomplish your responsibilities of the Constitution.

Thank you.

W/ro Meaza Ashenafi

Chair Woman  of the Council of Constitutional Inquiry of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia