[Article 84]

Powers and Functions of the Council of Constitutional Inquiry

  1. The Council of Constitutional Inquiry shall have powers to investigate constitutional disputes. Should the Council, upon consideration of the matter, find it necessary to interpret the Constitution, it shall submit its recommendations thereon to the House of the Federation.
  2. Where any Federal or State law is contested as being unconstitutional and such a dispute is submitted to it by any court or interested party, the Council shall consider the matter and submit it to the House of the Federation for a final decision.
  3. When issues of constitutional interpretation arise in the courts, the Council shall:

(a) Remand the case to the concerned court if it finds there is no need for constitutional interpretation; the interested party, if dissatisfied with the decision of the Council, may appeal to the House of the Federation.

(b) Submit its recommendations to the House of the Federation for a final decision if it believes there is a need for constitutional interpretation.

  1. The Council shall draft its rules of procedure and submit them to the House of the Federation; and implement them upon approval.